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Activities under ACADEMICA Project are going on successfully

01/09/2017 19:55
    The activities on ACADEMICA continue successfully according to the preliminary planned schedule. During the second project  year  two meetings were held - at USGM in Rome, Italy as well as at Samarkand Agricultural Institute in Uzbekistan. It was my greatest pleasure...


08/08/2017 11:50
The second plenary meeting under the Project ACADEMICA was held on July, 6-7th in the city of Valencia. We were  kindly hosted by the University Polytechnica of Valencia. More than 40 representatives of all project members participated.   It was my great pleasure to visit the wonderful...

European Economic Area Grant: a great chance to visit Iceland

08/09/2015 20:13
  Between May, 15th - 31st I had the great opportinuty to visit Bifrost University - Iceland with the financial support of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. I would like to express my deep gratitude to my felow colleague - Assist. Prof. Kari Joenssen for his valuable...

The last project finishes successfully, the next one starts

08/09/2015 19:30
The Erasmus Intensive Program " Strategic Business Decisions in a Risky and Rapidly Changing Environment " finished successfully. Me and my colleague - Assoc. Prof. Evgenia Nikolova from Burgas Free University - would like to express our gratitude to all participants - both studetns and...

Erasmus Intensive Program

26/10/2013 20:07
Visit to get information and the latest news on the Intensive Program "Strategic Business Decisions to a Risky or Rapidly Changing Environment" . A link to Facebook is provided as well.

Erasmus IP

01/09/2013 00:00
During the summer term of 2013/14 academic year Burgas Free University will host the Erasmus Intensive Program named "Strategic Business Decisions in a Risky and Rapidly Changing Environment". The project aims to provide insights into the decision making process under risk and uncertainty...

The latest article being published

25/08/2013 08:18
"Does Higher Level of Education of the Labor Force Cause Growth? Evidence from Bulgaria" in Economic Change and Restructuring, vol. 46, issue 3, August, 2013. Abstract   This study tries to give new evidence on the relationship between human capital and output per capita in the former...
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