The last project finishes successfully, the next one starts

08/09/2015 19:30

The Erasmus Intensive Program " Strategic Business Decisions in a Risky and Rapidly Changing Environment " finished successfully. Me and my colleague - Assoc. Prof. Evgenia Nikolova from Burgas Free University - would like to express our gratitude to all participants - both studetns and academics - for the effort they put especially during the short-term summer course held at Burgas Free University, Bulgaria during the period July, 2nd - 16th, 2014 . 

Special thanks to the our colleagues who delivered lectures and seminars: Prof. Esther Subira Lobera and  Prof. Carlos Grau Alguilero from the University of Barcelona, Prof. Maria Adelaide Tareco from the Polythechnic Institute - Beja, Portugal, Assoc. Prof. Engin Demirel from Trakya University - Edirne, Turkey, Dr. Miroslav Špaček from the University of Economics and Management, Prague, Czech Republic and Assist. Prof. Mate Vona from Debrecen University - Hungary. 

Upon its successful completion the Project received a quality award from the Ministry of Education and Science in Bulgaria. For more info you can join our facebook group ERASMUS IP BFU SBDR 2014.

Now, we are ready for the new challange - the Project ACADEMICA financed under Erasmus+ Programme - Capacity building in higher education, Key Action 2 - Capacity-building in the Field of Higher Education 2015. The duration of the Project is three years (2015-2018). Four universities from Bulgaria, Austria, Spain and Italy will share their experience in e-based learning and the usage of ICT in Engineering and Engineering Trade Studies with 13 institutions from Kazachstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.